Progressive Property Management




Please contact Progressive Property Management at (530) 753-7456 or e-mail us at We will gladly coordinate with your schedule to set up a showing appointment.


Each property is pet specific. Please check in about pet policies before viewing specific property.


Progressive Property Management establishes rental prices based on current market conditions and instructions from the property owner. Market rates are evaluated annually.


Security deposits are property specific. Please check in about specific property’s deposits.




Once you have viewed a property, and are interested in applying, please email or call our office to request a current application package.

Applicants must meet the rental requirement guidelines of Progressive Property Management, which are listed below. Each person 18 years of age and older, planning to live in the rental unit must complete an application and pay the application fee of $40.00 per applicant. If tenant requires co-signer, the co-signer must also fill out an application and pay the $40.00 application fee. Fees may be paid with a personal check, or over the phone via debit or credit card. APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


Income must be 3 times the monthly rental amount. Employment and salary are verified through supporting documentation and by contacting the named supervisor on the application form.


Application may be denied for evictions, low credit scores, pet ownership, damages beyond normal wear and tear, illegal activity on premises, refusal to re-rent by previous landlord or a balance still owed to previous landlord.


All information showing on the credit report is subject to verification, including previous address and place of employment. Some items that are considered include: late payments, tax liens, charge-offs, repossessions, judgments and discharged bankruptcies. Most properties will require a minimum of a 700 credit score.  FICO scores under 650 may be cause for denial or may require a co-signer. If the property allows a co-signer (guarantor), the qualified co-signer must have a FICO score of no less than 725 unless otherwise stated for a specific property.

Credit score requirements may be adjusted due to lack of credit history or unique circumstances.  The company reserves the right to modify requirements as deemed appropriate based on historical circumstances of the applicants credit history.




Once you have completed, paid for your rental application, and have been approved, a staff member will notify you by phone to offer you the property for rent. At that time, we will schedule an appointment to sign a lease agreement. All adults who plan to live at the rental unit must sign the lease agreement.


All of our properties are written with a 12-month lease term unless otherwise negotiated or specified.  Military clause provisions are provided if applicable. If a tenant would like to request a lease renewal, they must contact Progressive Property Management no less than 45 days prior to the term of the current lease.


It is mandatory that each tenant carry renter’s insurance. Each tenant is required to secure minimum coverage limits of no less than $100,000.00 for personal liability. The declaration page of the policy must be provided to Progressive Property Management before move in date.


All tenants are jointly and severally liable for rent payments for the entirety of signed lease agreement. If tenant wishes to end lease agreement prior to the original lease end date, Progressive Property Management will charge a minimum tenant finder’s fee of between $500- one month’s rent.  The fee varies by property, length of remaining of lease term and time of year service is required.  Tenants are encouraged to discuss fees in advance to alleviate misunderstandings.

Tenants are always fully liable for the duration of original lease agreement until a replacement tenant takes occupancy.

Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide

Step #1 • Turn off the water at the supply immediately.
Step #2 • Immediately call Progressive Property Management.
Step #3 • Soak up any standing water.
Step #4 • Do not turn water back on until issue has been fully resolved.


Unclogging a Toilet
Step #1 • If toilet bowl is full, put on gloves and bail out the water into a bucket until bowl is only half full.
Step #2 • If the bowl is empty, add water to fill bowl to halfway mark.
Step #3 • With plunger completely under water, fit the flange of the plunger into the opening and completely over the drain opening with the rim of the plunger.
Step #4 • Press and pull the plunger rapidly up and down 15-20 times.
Step #5 • If water drains out of the bowl, add more water and repeat step #4.
Step #6 • If water seems to be draining, try flushing the toilet.
Step #7 • If unsuccessful, call Progressive Property Management


Garbage Disposal is Leaking
Step #1 • Stop use of disposal until Progressive Property Management repairman has fully repaired leaking disposal and approved for use.
Step #2 • Set bowl underneath leak to catch any dripping water.
Step #3 • Do not use sink if this is also causing leak.
Step #4 • Set bowl underneath leak to catch any dripping water.
Step #5 • Call Progressive Property Management to report issue.



Water Bill is Suddenly Much Higher
Step #1 • Check all faucets for any signs of leaking.
Step #2 • Check all toilets for possible running toilets.
Step #3 • Check underneath of appliances for any water puddles.
Step #5 • If you suspect leaking pipe, contact Progressive Property Management.


Power Outage
Step #1 • Check to see if neighbors have electricity.
Step #2 • If neighbors do not have electricity, call local electric company to report issue/receive updated power outage information.
Step #3 • If neighbors do have electricity, check all GFIs to make sure none have been tripped (If tripped GFI has been located, follow instructions for GFI outlets below).
Step #4 • Open breaker box to see if circuit breaker has been tripped. The circuit breaker switch will not be lined up with all of the other breakers if it has been tripped. It will be in the OFF position, or in between the ON & OFF position.
Step #5 • To reset breaker, push the tripped switch all the way to the OFF position and then all the way back to the ON position.
Step #6 • If circuit breaker trips again, you need to determine the reason (too many things plugged in/too many things on at one time).
Step #7 If problem persists, contact Progressive Property Management.


Outlets Are Not Working
Step #1 • Plug a nightlight or lamp into the outlet being tested. The light should be on.
Step #2 • Press the “TEST” button to trip the outlet and break the circuit. It should “click in” and stay depressed, the “RESET” button should pop out and the light should go out.
Step #3 • If the RESET button does not pop out, the GFCI outlet may need to be replaced. Don’t use this outlet. Contact Progressive Property Management.
Step #4 • If the GFCI outlet tests okay, press the “RESET” button to restore the circuit.
Step #5 • If outlet is still not functioning, call Progressive Property Management.

Garbage Disposal Preventative Maintenance

To Operate • Run strong flow of COLD water. Cold water will help keep oils/fat/grease in small particles so it flushes down the drain instead of building up inside the drain.
• Turn on wall switch to start disposal.
• Once grinding is completed, turn off the disposal BUT continue to run the cold water 15 seconds longer to completely flush the drain.
To Clean • Run strong flow of COLD water.
• Turn on wall switch to start disposal.
• Add 1 cup of ice chips to help scour the blades.
• While still operating, add a few slices of lemon.
To Prevent Clogging • Operate with COLD water while grinding.
• Once grinding is completed, turn the disposal off and continue running cold water 15 seconds longer to completely flush drain.
• Put very few things down the disposal.  We recommend you limit even food scraps. Instead scrape them into the garbage can.
• Do NOT pour grease or fat down the disposal. Put it in a jar or can with a lid, place in refrigerator to harden, when full, throw jar out in trash.
• Do NOT throw bones or pits down the garbage disposal.
• Do NOT try to grind highly fibrous foods like: corn husks, artichoke leaves, celery, banana peels, etc.
To Prevent Foul Smells • Put 1 cup of ice chips down disposal and with cold water running, turn disposal “on”.
• Next put some slices of lemon down disposal and with cold water running, turn disposal “on”.
Monthly Treatment • Pour 1 tablespoon table salt 1 tablespoon baking soda (not baking powder) down the disposal.
• Next pour ¼ cup white vinegar down the disposal.
• Step back, it will bubble and fizzle.
• Wait 15 minutes.
• Run strong flow of cold water and turn the disposal on.